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5 Things to Know When Removing Carpet from Stairs

Keep these tips in mind before giving your carpeted stairs a makeover.       Photo: There’s a lot to love about  carpet when it’s new . It’s thick and fluffy, feels great on your feet, and adds warmth and comfort to your home. But after years of use, carpeting just doesn’t look or feel the same. The thick and fluffy pile becomes hard and compacted, while stains and discolorations may be visible reminders of household spills and mishaps. Carpet on stairs sees the worst wear and tear because of its frequent use. Compared to carpeting in other parts of the home, stairs can begin to look threadbare much sooner. If that’s the case with your carpeted stairs, you may be thinking of tearing up the carpet to give it an update or  replace it with a new look entirely . Take these five things into consideration before removing carpet from sta 1. Find out what is hiding under the carpet. Resist the urge to jump in and just start ripping. Before removing the carpet, you need to fin

5 Sustainable Flooring Materials to Consider for Your Home

  1. Craft Artisan Wood Flooring How it’s made.  Craft Artisan Wood Floors  in Burnaby, British Columbia, combines an artisanal approach to flooring with sustainable manufacturing. During the manufacturing process, the wood is hand sanded and hand stained   to enhance its natural qualities. Craft’s manufacturing reflects sustainable practices, as its certifications indicate. The brand has a Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Chain of Custody certification, which means a third-party verifies that each step of the manufacturing process is legal, responsible and sustainable. Wood used by this brand can be traced back to its originating certified sustainable forest. Further, Craft products have Greenguard Gold Certification, indicating they emit very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This reduces indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure in a home. Unlike other companies that have sustainable flooring lines, all Craft collections are sustainable. This means you avoid t

Home Upgrades Buyers Want in the COVID-19 Era

1. Upgrade your outdoor space Most of us are suffering from an acute case of cabin fever these days. It's little wonder that outdoor space has become more important than ever to prospective buyers. “Even pools are becoming more popular in areas where they weren't before,” says   Bill Walker , chief operating officer of Kukun, a web resource for home improvements.   That doesn’t mean you need to splurge on a new in-ground pool; even a minor landscaping refresh can make a big difference and increase curb appeal. Depending on your budget and your neighborhood, you might also consider adding an in-ground fire pit or  outdoor kitchen  to maximize your outdoor space. If you live in a cooler climate, extending the usability of your outdoor space will be a big draw for buyers. “Get a low-cost outdoor heater and area rug to stage the space as an outdoor living room,” says  Francie Malina , a real estate agent in New York's Westchester County. 2. Create a functional home office or cl

How to Remodel Your Bathroom

  Step 1: What Are You Trying to Achieve? It seems like a simple enough question that should have a simple answer: “Well, I need a new bathroom.” But when embarking on a journey that will take a good chunk out of your time and bank account, you want to get it right. And you want to be happy with the end result. Before you do anything, think about what your ideal bathroom would be. Forget constraints of money and space; just imagine what you want and what the intended purpose will be. Who is this bathroom for? Is it a master bathroom? A powder bathroom? A kid’s bathroom? How often will it get used and what will the function be? Marc Julien Homes Other considerations: How many people will use it? How much time do you spend in the bathroom during the morning, afternoon and night? What’s your routine — how does your current space hinder it and how could a new space improve it? Do you plan to grow old in this house? Do you have medical issues like poor eyesight or arthritis to consider? Do