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10 Holiday Gift Ideas to Help Make Home a Little Cozier

  1. Armchair Upgrades There’s something irresistible about wrapping up in a soft new throw. Look for one in super-cozy cashmere or an oversize knit that will look great draped over their favorite chair. If you know your gift recipient (and their home and taste) well, consider a  pouf  or  footstool  to take this gift to the next level. Lights4fun 2. Tiny Twinkle Lights Help create instant ambiance with the gift of a few strands of twinkling lights. Tiny twinkle lights like the ones seen here look especially brilliant when displayed under a  glass cloche . n 3. Home Spa Experience If your favorite homebody loves leisurely baths, help them make the most of their soaking time with a  tub tray  and a few add-ons, such as spa-inspired waffle-weave towels, a candle and an assortment of nice-smelling bath products. Shade Abdul Architecture 4. Bookish Accessories For any big reader on your list, new  books  are the obvious go-to. But if choosing specific titles is too tricky (because they’ve

Freestanding or A Built-In Bathtub?

1. What’s the Difference Between a Freestanding Tub and a Built-In Tub? A freestanding tub is finished on all sides and typically floats in the room without touching any walls. It can be raised on feet or a pedestal, or be placed directly on the floor. J K Construction A built-in tub typically nestles in an alcove enclosed by walls on three sides or in a corner. A standard  alcove tub  is finished only on the front, or apron, and fits snugly against the walls. The  drop-in style  of the corner tub seen here has a visible lip all around that sits on a platform, or surround, in which a hole has been cut. An  undermount style  is slightly under the surround, with no apparent rim. 2. Do I Want the Tub to Make a Splash? A freestanding bathtub’s sculptural quality brings the drama and gives the bathroom a focal point, especially if it’s centered in a window, against a textured wall or opposite the door. Its furniture-like look adds elegance. Freestanding tubs come in different shapes: oval,