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How To Plan For A Bathroom Remodel

  What Do I Want in the Bathroom From a Functional Perspective? As a starting point, think through key elements, says Cat Hoad of  Absolute Project Management . “Do you definitely want a bath, or not necessarily if there’s a good shower? Is a bidet or Japanese-style [toilet] a ‘must have’? Is it crucial to have lots of cupboards for linens, or just a convenient place for bathroom products?” If you’re installing a shower, the design you’d like is also something to assess early on. Do you fancy a wet room style with a flush floor or would you prefer a low shower tray or a cubicle? A wet room style is usually possible, but be aware it’s costlier and more disruptive. “A wet room floor looks fabulous and sleek, with just a pane of glass separating the shower from the rest of the room, but it’s more expensive than using a tray, both in terms of materials and labor,” says Sara Levy of  Sara Levy Designs . “However, we also prepare our clients that water could spread out from a tray too, so we

What To Know About Choosing An Outdoor Grill

  Whom to Work With An outdoor kitchen designer or grill expert is a helpful resource, especially if you’re adding or updating an outdoor kitchen or simply updating your current grill setup. A pro can help guide you toward the right grill for your cooking style and help you decide which, if any, accessories or add-ons are right for you. They can also provide advice on planning ahead if you might be expanding your outdoor kitchen space in the future. The English Contractor & Remodeling Services Types of Grills Grills are defined by the fuel they use, with gas and charcoal grills as the two main options. Both have their die-hard fans and their pluses and minuses. Gas grills win out when it comes to grilling ease and flexibility. A charcoal grill will give you the traditional barbecue taste (and aroma), although it may take you longer to master the intricacies of temperature regulation if you want to go beyond cooking hot dogs and hamburgers. Charcoal grills also come in a wider range