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8 New Bathroom Decor Trends

Ah, the bathroom. It’s often one of the smallest rooms in the house, and yet it serves so many purposes. Not only is it a place to wash up, but it can also be your own personal spa—and in a crowded home during a pandemic, a sanctuary. If you’re in the mood to spruce up your beloved bathroom but don’t want to rip the room down to the studs, you could opt for a mini-to-medium update. By simply adding some zhuzh to a design you already love, your entire bathroom can feel like it got a face-lift. Check out the latest bathroom design trends, and see how you can give your bathroom some extra love this spring. 1. Hooks instead of towel bars “It may seem like a small thing in terms of bathroom hardware, but we have seen a move away from towel bars and more interest in hooks,” says  Montana Labelle , designer at . “People are looking for a more casual and easy-to-use space, and hooks lend themselves perfectly to that.” Another reason people may be hooked on hooks? There are

7 Bathroom Improvements You Should Make Before Selling Your Home

  It’s a   seller’s market   in many parts of the country right now. But if you’re serious about selling your house   fast , you need to make sure your bathrooms are updated to impress. “ Kitchens  and bathrooms sell homes,” says  Kris Lindahl , CEO and founder of  Kris Lindahl Real Estate . “If a buyer sees a bathroom that still needs projects or upgrades, the home is going to be much less appealing to them.” Before you put your home on the market, here are some of the best bathroom improvements to fetch top dollar. 1. Go for double sinks This is one of those cases where two  is  better than one. A double vanity upgrade is a worthwhile splurge, according to the pros. “Upgrading to double sinks is always appreciated by buyers,” Lindahl says. Worried about space? You might be surprised by how much you can fit into a modestly sized bathroom. “You don’t need a big bathroom to pull it off,” says  Susan Kelleher , an associate broker at R New York. “Even two small sinks are so much better t

Exterior Window Cleaning- Easier than it Sounds!

Washing windows wouldn't exactly classify as "maintenance", but it is definitely as important to the appearance and enjoyment of your home as many maintenance items.  There's also some damage that can occur when you're washing windows- both to your home and your wallet that you want to avoid. Windows are designed to let the light from the outside in, while keeping the air from the outside out.  They do a pretty good job of keeping wind and rain out as well, but they're not designed to take water from all angles at any pressure level.  So be careful if you decide to use one of those glass cleaners in a bottle with a hose connection- make sure to read the directions and follow them, making sure your windows are  closed and latched tight before starting. You can save money by simply hosing down the outside of the windows, and then using a simple sponge to wash the windows with warm water and dish washing liquid.  Wipe the glass clean with crumpled news papers, cl

Fireproof Your Microwave

  Microwaves are one of the safest appliances in the home, but they can still cause fires through misuse or accidents. In one unusual case in Chicago, food that was wrapped in foil and then microwaved caused a fire that wiped out six homes. But this is exceptionally rare. At least 90 percent of homes have microwaves, according to the New York Times. Microwaves are the cause of only 4 percent of home cooking fires and 1 percent of associated deaths. They are very safe when compared to ranges and cooktops, which account for 62 percent of cooking fires and 89 percent of deaths. Overheated food is usually the cause of microwave fires. It is usually because someone entered the wrong cook time and left the appliance unsupervised. Luckily, microwaves are designed to contain small fires, so if you manage to start one, unplug the microwave and keep the door closed. To microwave safely: Watch for metal. Utensils, bowls, cups, twist ties and foil can spark and cause fires. Don't wave recycled

Things Interior Designers Notice the Instant They Walk Through Your Door

In case you’re curious about what jumps out at interior designers when they first enter a home, here’s an unsettling glimpse, courtesy of some experts who aren’t afraid to spill the beans. But don’t beat yourself up if you recognize   your   home in some of these criticisms; these flaws are entirely fixable. Read on for an inspiring home decor wake-up call. 1. A wonky flow “The first think I notice is whether or not the furniture placement promotes good flow of traffic,” notes  Lorelie Brown , a  Showhomes  franchisee in Charleston, SC. Most living and family rooms have a focal wall that’s anchored by a fireplace or television, which means the chairs and couch should be arranged to face this point without causing you to walk awkwardly around them. “I find this problem happens a lot in an open floor plan, with pieces defeating the whole ‘open’ idea,” she adds. The solution: Less is more. Remove extraneous chairs and side tables to create a natural path in and out of the space. 2. Poor l

How To Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Once you have fruit flies, you have to work to do some work to evict them for good. How did the annoying little critters get in the kitchen in the first place? Well, true to their name, they feed on delicious fruit ripening on your counter. As long as you keep your apples out on the counter, they’ll find a way to get to them—no matter how diligent you are about closing the screen door. But fear not, fruit-lover! We found multiple tried-and-true methods for getting rid of fruit flies. Here’s your plan of action. 1. Figure out where the fruit flies are coming from “In order to manage fruit flies, you have to truly find the source,” says  Salila Travers  of Aztec Organic Pest Control in  Austin, TX . A female fruit fly can lay up to 500 eggs in her 40-day life, which explains how small fruit fly infestations become big fruit fly infestations so quickly. To eradicate your unwanted visitors, you need to first eliminate their egg-laying sites. Put any fruit or vegetables in the fridge. Clean