Kitchen Trends

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home.  Here are the several trends identified as hot in kitchen design:
A Hint of Color 
More color – such as deep navy, olive and grey – used in cabinetry,” says Soto.
Touch-Activated Faucets
A simple touch anywhere on the spout or kitchen faucet handle with your wrist or forearm activates the flow of water, making it easier to entertain for friends and loved ones.
Deep Single-Basin Sinks
Deeper, one basin sinks make soaking and washing dishes – especially larger pots and roasting pans – much easier.
Slab Backsplashes
Whether your kitchen is ultra-modern or traditional, the seamless look of a slab backsplash is classic and streamlined,  In smaller kitchens, the lack of grout lines helps the space appear more open and the backsplash clean and refined.
Matte Black Finishes
From faucets to hardware, matte black in the kitchen is a classic and versatile finish that can work on many different styles,.


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