San Francisco Is Targeting Net Zero Construction by 2030

San Francisco's Mayor London Breed is embracing an ambitious plan for reducing the city's greenhouse gas emissions that will require all buildings constructed starting in 2030 to be net-zero carbon emitters. The city is also striving to become carbon neutral by 2050. The city's Department of the Environment pegs 46% of local carbon emissions to the electricity and gas used in homes and office buildings.
While the goal of his plan focuses on making buildings more efficient and getting power from renewable sources, the fine details have yet to emerge. The city has an abundant reliance on natural gas for power which produces methane - a greenhouse gas. One of the solutions being proposed is replacing natural gas-powered water heaters with electric ones.
Breed is expected to roll out the climate announcements Wednesday alongside other city leaders at the Moscone Center, where a major international climate summit will be held next week. The roof of the convention center will soon be the home of the city of San Francisco’s newest solar panel array. On top of the 2030 construction net-zero goal and the new solar array, Breed is also expected to announce that the city will begin issuing more “green bonds” used to finance clean-energy projects.


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