The Modern Farmhoue

Perhaps it's a bit ironic that today's hottest exterior design trend achieves modernity by calling upon tradition. After all, doesn't "modern farmhouse" sound like a contradiction in terms? How can a farmhouse – rustic, unassuming, rugged – harmonize with the austere look of modern design? But here we are with pared-down, streamlined farmhouse designs taking over (or so it feels). And it seems that a few key elements tie it all together: the metal roof and sleek siding.
The formula is well known by today's hot designers. Says designer Jason Breland (from popular design firm House Plan Zone): "When it comes to the exterior of the modern farmhouse, it's all about one thing....clean lines. Horizontal and vertical siding as well as metal roofing all merge together perfectly to form the trifecta of 'cleanliness.' Pair that with high contrasting colors such as dark metal roofs/white siding or white siding/dark windows, and you can rest assured that the design will stand out from the crowd."


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