Top Millenial Zip Codes Trend Towards Urban Cores

It's not a news flash to learn that Millennials—people born between 1977 and 1996—love living in the city. But what cities and urban areas in particular do they favor?

To find out, apartment-search firm RENTCafé analyzed U.S. Census data to find where millennials live and their next potential hot spots. The company then ranked ZIP codes in the 30 biggest U.S. cities by three measures: (1) highest increases in millennial population from 2011 to 2016; (2) largest current share of millennials; and (3) highest current population of millennials.

As predicted, downtown and areas surrounding urban landscapes are the clear favorites among the Gen Y crowd. Two downtown Los Angeles ZIP codes, 90014 and 90013, saw the highest increases of millennials from 2011 to 2016, at 91.4% and 60%, respectively. The third- and fifth-ranked ZIP codes jumped over to the East Coast, in New York City’s Battery Park City and Lincoln Square, with 54.5% and 47.7% reported increases, respectively.

In the rest of the top 20, Denver has four ZIP codes present, with one near downtown and three in neighborhoods. Other top cities with the highest influx of millennials include San Francisco and Philadelphia, with two each.

ZIP codes with the largest share of millennials differed from those experiencing the highest Gen Y increases. In Chicago’s West Loop, 60661, 73% of residents are millennial members. The study reports that this ZIP code "is as close as it gets to business without actually being in the Loop, and has only recently been turning into a more residential area.”

Two neighborhoods tied for second in millennial share, with 71%: Philadelphia’s Manayunk and lower Manhattan’s Financial District. The downtown areas of Denver; Dallas; Oklahoma City; Columbus, Ohio; Charlotte, N.C.; and Indianapolis also have high shares of millennials.

Population-wise, areas surrounding New York City make up nine of the top 20 of those with the largest millennial populations, but none is in Manhattan. From Williamsburg in Brooklyn to Corona in Queens, over 40,000 millennials call these ZIP codes home. ZIP code 11211, in Williamsburg, houses 43,700 millennials, the largest amount in the U.S.

Chicago comes in second in population, with its Lakeview neighborhood (41,500) and has another six ZIP codes in the top 20 list. The other four remaining population-heaviest cities are Los Angeles; El Paso and Houston, Texas; and San Francisco


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