What's Killing Affordability In Housing?

A reason we don't see more innovation in home building, development, residential investment, etc. that could improve productivity and "bend the cost curve" to lower home prices and rents?
Too many believe improved productivity wouldn't matter.
Too many believe that working American households' access to quality housing options they can afford is a political issue, not a business issue.
And too many believe that putting effort into trying to turn the tide of political will toward more development of more housing for more moderate household income levels is fighting a losing battle in more communities every day, not less. Not worth the energy.
Even as an opportunity to leverage technology and data to modernize, improve, and suck wasted money, time, and labor expense out of the building process becomes more and more real, counter-forces gain traction at an even faster pace.
Those forces--NIMBY activism, locally elected officials and appointed agencies, and other influencers of land use regulation, cost, and the peril of investment loss in municipalities and counties large and small impact prices, rents, and risks separate and above operational efficiencies that even the most advanced construction technology could yield.


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