White Is The New Hot In Kitchens

Kitchen designers report that many kitchens today have a new function other than cooking. Designers indicated that entertaining is more popular in today's kitchen than actual cooking. As such, designs are more open and include smaller storage areas to accommodate homeowners' desire to entertain. Several of the trends that facilitate entertaining kitchens are slab tiles and white design.

Since fewer people are actually cooking in the kitchen, they're being designed "to look more like furniture." That means appliances that blend seamlessly with the cabinets.

You don't see appliances--in a contemporary kitchen it would be impossible to spot the refrigerator.

Larger slab kitchen tiles are also growing more popular.

Slab tiles of marble, quartz, granite or quartzite are now being use to cover enter walls, counters or floors. Large format tiles are a big trend along with multi-piece tile and recti-linear tiles, or rectangular tiles


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