Open Floor Plans Still Reign Supreme

Open floor plans have been a popular preference for several years, and designers say it will continue to dominate home designs in 2019, The Post and Courier reports. Likely inspired by renovation programs on television, homeowners remain captivated by airy, well-lit areas in their homes.
They want big kitchens with big islands, open straight to the living room. They want everything on one story, eschewing the stairs, walls, and inconveniences that come with a two-story home. They want bigger guest suites, bigger home offices, and even bigger garages.
Among open design plans, the desire for an expansive kitchen that flows into main living area remains the gold standard, The Post and Courier reports. The newspaper finds that homes with closed-off kitchens are not drawing much attention from potential buyers in their local market.
When it comes to home design, combinations are growing in popularity. Whereas homeowners once used palettes that were all gray or beige, Donne Seighman, design consultant with builder Kolter Homes, is now seeing mixing of two—perhaps gray-toned kitchens with beige-toned countertops, or beige cabinets with gray countertops. It's the same with kitchen fixtures, as homeowners are proving more willing to mix finishes.
The use of wallpaper to add color, much like all-white kitchens or shiplap is tied directly with the popularity of home design shows like those on HGTV.


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