Foreclosure Starts In Decline But Still Viable

According to ATTOM Data Solutions’ January 2019 foreclosure activity data, Cook County, Illinois, located in the Chicago metropolitan area, had the highest number of foreclosure starts of any county with a population of over 100,000. A total of 800 properties started the foreclosure process in Cook County last month.
Harris County, located in the Houston metro, comes in second nationwide at 569 foreclosure starts in January 2019. Maricopa County, Arizona is in third with 479 foreclosure starts, Los Angeles, California in fourth with 434, and Suffolk County, New York in fifth with 346. (ATTOM defines a foreclosure start as a first public notice, which can be a notice of default, a lis pendens, or a notice of trustee sale.)
Just last month ATTOM Data released its year-end foreclosure report, which helped show the decline in foreclosure starts for the nation, year-over-year. While some states experienced an uptick in foreclosure starts from last year, including; Montana(up 48 percent); Minnesota (up 29 percent); Nebraska (up 28 percent); Texas (up 15 percent); and Florida (up 13 percent), for the most part the nation experienced a decline from last year and year’s before.


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