Interior Design Will Be Driven By Baby Boomers

Recent U.S. Population Survey projections indicate that by 2030, the number of people older than 65 years old will exceed the number of people younger than 18. This will likely cause ripple effects that impact interior and home design, Forbes reports. The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) released its 2019 Outlook and State of Interior Design, and Megy Karydes reports how many of the key takeaways relate to how an aging population will impact the built environment moving forward.
Interior designers and architects will be finding themselves with more projects that focus on how to help seniors either age in place or remodel spaces in homes to accommodate an elder family member who is moving in, either temporarily or permanently.
Among the trends highlighted in the ASID Outlook report is the “traditional family household model is being replaced by more fluid, variable configurations based on lifestyle and social identity.” Such morphing of lifestyles is transforming spaces. Today’s consumers are breaking down the boundaries of traditional household and lifestyle paradigms, partly due to changing social norms and partly due to economic necessity. Single-occupant housing, shared housing, same-sex households, and single-parent households are all becoming more standard and accepted. Consumers are more open to experimenting with new ways of living, commuting, and consuming. This is having an impact on how they use the spaces in which they live, work, and play, according to another 2019 trendbook released by Schattdecor, an international surface specialist with offices in 27 countries.
Additionally, Karydes reports that many technology companies are developing devices specifically for the senior market that range from health and wellness devices to virtual reality experiences designed to combat the effects of limited mobility and isolation. These devices likely will become more integrated into home spaces and will need to be incorporated into designs as the U.S. population becomes older in the next decade.


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