Bamboo Is Growing In Home Design

From flooring and wallpaper to bathroom accents and furniture, bamboo is making a comeback into home design with a modern touch. The lightweight, but sturdy, grass offers a light, natural palette and grows extremely fast, making it a sustainable material choice. Below are trendy ways to incorporate bamboo into your home:
Bamboo flooring
Put a twist on traditional hardwood floors with bamboo. It’s more eco-friendly, costs less, and quite durable.
Bamboo wallpaper and fabric
The bamboo trend isn't limited to furniture and flooring; this eco-chic look is becoming more popular on wallpaper and other fabrics around the home. The top reason: It's incredibly versatile..
Bamboo bathroom accents
If you want to create a spalike bathroom (and who wouldn't want to wake up to such a luxurious space each day?) add some bamboo elements. Put down a bamboo bathmat, place a bamboo tray on the vanity, and even add a bamboo basket. Don't forget the bamboo plant, too!


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