Mast Bath Linen Closets Are In Demand

In today’s master baths, home buyers are looking for a variety of features, including shower stalls, soaking tubs, and double vanities, but NAHB’s recently released What Home Buyers Really Want report reveals linen closets in the bathroom take first place in the most-wanted features list. According to the survey of prospective home buyers, 78% expressed interest in the feature, with 52% listing it as “desirable” and 26% saying it’s an “essential/must have.” NAHB’s Carmel Ford has additional details below.
Two other features were rated as essential/must have or desirable by at least 70 percent of home buyers: ‘both shower stall & tub in master bath’ (73 percent); and a ‘double vanity’ (71 percent). It is important to note that these two features have the highest shares of home buyers rating them as essential/must haves (32 percent each), more than any other bathroom feature listed in the survey.
Another four features were rated essential/must have or desirable by at least 60 percent of home buyers: ‘private toilet compartment in master bath’ (65 percent), ‘white toilet, tub, & sink’ (63 percent), ‘ceramic tile walls’ (62 percent), and a ‘granite vanity’ (61 percent). Rounding out the top ten are the following features: 57 percent of home buyers rated ‘multiple shower heads in master bath’ an essential/must have or desirable feature, followed by a ‘body spray panel in master bath’ (56 percent) and ‘whirlpool tub in master bath’ (54 percent).


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