Mustard Yellow May Be Making A Comeback In Design

Mustard yellow was a popular color choice in home design between the 1940s and the 1960s, but Nxt Modern says the vintage color is making a comeback in current design. According to the publication, mustard yellow can add "a feeling of clean, crisp, and fantastic brightness." Some homeowners may shy away from using yellow in their space for fear of creating a space that is too bright. For those willing to experiment with mustard yellow, though, there are several reasons to include the color in future projects.

It Creates a Soft, Earthy Palette
A lot of people are fearful of yellow because of its ability to become too harsh. However, mustard tones can give a room surprisingly soft and natural feels. Mustard yellow chairs can look right at home among carpets and walls with soft, earthy tones. To achieve a quietly rustic look, combine mustard yellow with more natural textures and plenty of wood.

It Can Be a Statement Piece
Adding new color to a piece of furniture can be a fun way of experimenting with stronger colors that you might not usually use, and mustard yellow is a great example of how it can be done for the better. The dull yellow adds a fun shade that can bring new life to a dark wooden piece.

It Enhances Natural Light
Even though mustard tones are softer than the more citrus-yellow colors, they can add an equally cheery quality when paired with a crisp white. Mustard yellow can feel cozier than the brighter yellows since it contains a little warm red.

It Can Warm Up Gray
Although gray is becoming more and more popular these days, it can be difficult to get right in rooms where light levels are low. Adding mustard accessories like throw blankets or pillows warm up the gray, and the room. By choosing a rich ocher shade and placing them tactfully in a room, you can transform a boring room into a comfy retreat for relaxation.


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