Keep Smart Home Technology Simple

Custom smart home technology is gaining headline appeal—who wouldn’t want a home that works seamlessly in sync with one's needs and demands? Yet, for those who get caught up in its appeal, it also generates frustration.
A recent report from the Customer and Product Experience 360 (CPX 360) shows just the level of frustration that they are experiencing. The report shows that, on average, tech users have to take more than eight steps to resolve an issue with a smart device. This process involves valuable time, on average two and a half hours, according to the report. And 22% of users cannot resolve the issue at all and return the product for a refund.
This now explains a two-part challenge that large scale builders face. First, builders need to be able to deliver technology that will solve for the buyer’s needs—keeping them away from retail shelves and DIY projects after they move in.
Second, builders also need to create a seamless, intuitive solution that is easy for the consumer to manage on a day-to-day basis that also reflects the builders brand.


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