The Redefined Role Of The Pantry

A greater emphasis on open concept design has led to the evolution of the kitchen. Now, the kitchen is often viewed as the heart and social center of the home, with the layout of a kitchen having paramount importance for homeowners. With this evolution, back-up storage space and work space have been viewed with greater importance. As such, the role of the pantry has evolved with the kitchen, Kitchen & Bath Design News reports.
The debate between pantry cabinetry and walk-in, stick-built space is no longer a black and white, either/or choice. Traditionally, the decision was dictated by budget of dollars and space, but today there are many factors influencing this choice. A discussion of cabinetry for pantry storage must include a nod to the amazing lighting and accessorization available to bring more storage safely within the reach of most of us—quite a feat in the reduced amount of space available.
The tall pantry with pull-out individual shelves is probably the most flexible storage, as each shelf operates independently of the others, and they can be adjusted in height as needs change. When the tall cabinet can be approached from either side, a pull-out pantry can be effective, too, bringing storage from the depth of the cabinet to within reach. The use of the uppermost storage in a tall cabinet can be effective for most cooks when used as tray storage.
The walk-in pantry, whether built with open shelves or cabinetry, is getting a lot of attention in today’s homes. Spaces adjacent to the kitchen can often be reconfigured to create this much-needed storage and work area. The simplest of designs includes adjustable open shelving above and below a work and staging surface, with depth of shelves determined by space available, appropriate clearances and dimensions of items to be stored.
The purpose and function of the pantry in today’s home design has expanded to everything from back-up storage to secondary prep space, and it is more integral to the function of the kitchen than ever before.


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