The Federal Reserve Board’s quarterly Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey (SLOOS) shows tightening of net lending standards from Q4 2018 to Q1 2019, but not as much as they had anticipated in Q4 2018, according to Litic Murali of NAHB’s Eye on Housing blog.
In the previous quarter’s survey, 11 to 12% of banks reported a likelihood on tightening loan standards for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) loans to large- and middle-market firms, while 25% said they would tighten standards on CRE loans of all sizes.
By the first quarter of 2019, only 3 of 71 banks had tightened standards on C&I; the rest had eased them or left them unchanged. Between 13% to 19% of banks reported tightening of standards on CRE loans to middle- or large-market firms during this period, and the rate of tightening varied depending on the type of CRE loan – construction and land development loans, nonfarm nonresidential loans, and multifamily loans.


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