Home Upgrades Could Save Hundreds on Energy Bills

The right home improvements could help shave energy bills by up to 35% or unlock up to $627 in annual savings, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.
Some of the big items that are sending energy costs higher in many homes are proper insulation, incandescent lighting, or air conditioners that aren’t the correct size.
Many homeowners have an air conditioning system that is too large. Therefore, it does not run as long as smaller ones which might sound energy-efficient, but it’s not.
Sealing up air leaks in heating and air conditioning ducts or crawl spaces can also offer energy savings.
Even small changes can add up, too. For example, switching from incandescent lighting to LEDs can increase a home energy efficiency by about 85% alone.  Sun screens on west facing windows help keep your home cooler. Programmable thermostats and power strips can also help save on bills.


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