When To Hire A Landscape Contractor

 1. You Have a Site Plan From a Landscape Architect

landscaping contractor executes garden and hardscaping plans that have been drawn up by a landscape architect or designer. Once you have the design in hand (known as the “site plan”), you can hire a landscape contractor to complete the work and make your garden dream come true.
debora carl landscape design

2. You Want a Built-In Fire Feature

Since this is a project that may involve gas lines (if it’s a gas fireplace), permitting, masonry and more, it’s wise to get a landscape contractor on board. The landscape contractor can get any needed permits, manage subcontractors and make sure the work complies with building codes.
B. Jane Gardens

3. You Need Help Setting Up Your Backyard Farm

Dreaming of a chicken coop, compost bin, fenced vegetable garden or greenhouse? A landscape contractor can help build and install these elements and more, so you can realize your vision and get growing. If you already have thoroughly sketched out plans of your own, you probably can contact a landscape contractor directly for this type of work. If you want to create a more comprehensive plan, engage a landscape designer first.
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4. You Want to Upgrade Hardscaping

Whether you’re looking to add or upgrade paths, a patio, rock walls or built-in features like fountains and benches, a landscape contractor can oversee the entire project from start to finish and make sure work is done on schedule and to your specifications.
Ketron Custom Builders
5. You Started to DIY but Ran Out of Steam

It’s easy to bite off more than you can chew when it comes to DIY home projects — especially when it comes to the backyard. Whether you started to install pavers, build a play structure, craft a rock wall or just have a bunch of half-finished projects, a landscape contractor can assess where you are and help get the work completed by professionals.

Fernhill Landscapes

6. You Want a Garden Structure

Structures like pergolas, arbors and trellises add beauty and an architectural element to the garden. If you already have a good idea of what you want, a landscape contractor can work with you to make it happen. If you’re not sure, you can opt to hire a landscape contractor who also does design work.
Randy Angell Designs

7. You Want a Swimming Pool

A landscape contractor who specializes in swimming pools will be well-versed in the technical details, legalities and design considerations involved in installing a pool. If your pool is to be part of a larger plan for the backyard, you may want to hire a landscape architect or designer first to create a comprehensive plan.
Before Photo
David J Frank Landscape Contracting Inc
8. You Want to Remove a Swimming Pool

Before: While some dream of adding a pool, others dream of undoing one. The fact is, unless you are an avid swimmer, having a swimming pool is not necessarily worth the space it takes up or the expense of upkeep. If that sounds like your predicament, you may want to hire a landscape contractor to take out your pool instead.
David J Frank Landscape Contracting Inc
After: David J. Frank Landscape Contracting filled in the unwanted swimming pool and, in its place, created a spacious patio and outdoor relaxation zone that the homeowners will use a lot more.
West Winds Nursery LLC
9. You Need to Work With a Hilly Lot

Whether you want to have a section cleared and graded for a patio, create terraced planting beds or steps in a hillside, or some combination thereof, a landscape contractor is the pro you need to get the work completed. This space from landscape contractors West Winds Nursery has a wide, curving sandstone slab staircase that leads to a waterside flagstone terrace.
Landsburg Landscape Nursery

10. You Just Moved Into a New Home

If you’ve just moved into a newly built home, you may be facing a bare-bones landscape. If you have a solid idea of what you want, a landscape contractor can help you with plantings and installation of other features. If you’re looking for more comprehensive design help, contact a landscape architect or designer first, or look for a landscape contractor that also offers these services.


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