6 Ways to Add a Dash of Yellow to Your Kitchen

 1. Island

A quick and easy way to add a bold splash of yellow to the kitchen is on the island. Having trouble selecting the exact hue? Try pulling it from another element in the space, such as the wall tile, as was done here. The bold color is balanced out when it’s also used elsewhere in the room.

Design In Real Life
Here’s another yellow island in a decidedly more traditional kitchen. The lively hue really sets off the beautiful countertop, making it the focal point of this elegant space. Don’t be afraid to mix and match neutrals with a bolder accent color. A neutral base or background allows you to have fun with a smaller chunk of a bolder hue.

Jennifer Ott Design
For a similar look: Yellow Brick Road by Benjamin Moore.
Saul Construction
2. Wall Cabinet Accent

More and more I’m noticing kitchen accent colors branching out from the island and moving onto wall cabinets and pantry doors. When you put a rich yellow hue on wall cabinets, it really draws the eye up the wall.

Pick a pantry or another slice of cabinetry for a colorful accent and keep the remaining cabinets white or wood-toned. It breaks up the color and gives the kitchen a custom look.
Jennifer Ott Design
For a similar look: Slightly softer than the previous bold gold, Yellow Bird by Sherwin-Williams is a rich, warm option for kitchen accents.

Cladding all your kitchen cabinets in an assertive yellow will likely come on too strong for most. By limiting it to a smaller section of cabinetry, as done here, you get the perfect punch of color without overwhelming the eye.
Uncommon Projects Ltd
Here’s a really fun use of a similar sunny hue in a kitchen. I like how the homeowner has the flexibility to change the design by simply sliding the doors.

This is also a great solution for those who want open shelving but worry about having everything on view. You can hide the items that aren’t display-worthy and curate the areas that do show.
Jennifer Ott Design
For a similar look: Dilly Dally from PPG invokes sunshine on a warm summer day.

3. Shelf Niche

Speaking of open shelves, I’m a huge fan of them, assuming you can keep them somewhat tidy. I recommend displaying only items that get used often — such as everyday dishes — so they don’t collect dust. It also helps to have an adequately powered venting hood to keep grease from accumulating.

If open shelves work for you and how you cook and clean, think about highlighting the wall behind the shelves with a fun accent color, as was done here with a saffron yellow.
Jennifer Ott Design
For a similar look: Neither too bright nor too soft, Just Cheeky from Dutch Boy is just right.
4. Architectural Element

I love the small splashes of color in this mostly white kitchen. Architectural elements such as doors are prime candidates for an eye-catching color treatment.
Space Group Architects
If your kitchen has to have a post or beam running through it, you can opt to cover it up or attempt to camouflage it by having it painted the same color as the wall or ceiling. Another option is to make lemonade from lemons and treat it as a fun focal point.
CCASA Architects
I assume this beam is structural, and I like that instead of covering it over and lowering the ceiling in the process, the owners decided to make it a playful, colorful feature.
Jennifer Ott Design
For a similar look: Definitely not for the timid, Sunny Side Up from Kelly-Moore asserts itself in a room, so use it sparingly for items that you really want to stand out.
5. Accent Wall

During my own recent home renovation, I found I had serious commitment issues when it came to selecting wall tiles. I’m drawn to lively colors, but I worried about going too bold for the kitchen backsplash, growing tired of the color, then wanting to change it out after a while — a waste of money and resources.

If you’re similarly fickle about wall tiles, one option is to run your countertop material (or a neutral tile) up behind the sink area to protect the part of the wall that needs it most, then paint the remaining wall an accent color. If you ever grow tired of the wall color, you can easily have it repainted.
Jennifer Ott Design
For a similar look: Sweet Lemon from Valspar is the perfect cheery yellow for a kitchen.

I love this crisp yellow-green wall color. Mid-to-soft yellow-greens give a springtime vibe to a kitchen. They feel fresh, clean and hopeful.

As with the previous example, because the lower portion of the wall is clad in a neutral tile, the homeowner can easily change out the painted accent color down the road.
Jennifer Ott Design
For a similar look: Bring spring to your own kitchen with Pineapple Crush from Behr.
Fong Concepts Interior Design
6. Ceiling

Expand your color canvas and get creative with your ceiling treatment. This warm yellow ceiling infuses the kitchen with a wonderful cozy and welcoming vibe.
Jennifer Ott Design
For a similar look: Add a dash of afternoon sun to your kitchen with Golden Groves from Benjamin Moore.


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