10 Ways to Refresh Your Porch for Spring

1. Make a Clean Sweep

Start your spring porch refresh with a spring cleaning. Wipe down or wash off the ceiling, walls and corners to get rid of dirt buildup, grime and cobwebs. Follow up by thoroughly cleaning the flooring.

While you’re at it, check windows and doors for any needed repairs. You might want to refresh the caulk, replace hardware or sills, repair screens, or clean or update light fixtures or door hardware. Tackle any paint or stain touch-ups now as well. You’ll have a clean canvas for adding furnishings and decorative touches as well as a bright and welcoming space where you can enjoy the upcoming warm weather.
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2. Bring Out the Color

Take your cleanup a step further by refreshing your paint or changing the color. A fresh coat of paint on the door and trim or a new color on the flooring or stairs will brighten the entire space.

If you’re not ready for exterior painting, think small. Painting a chair or table can go a long ways toward giving your porch a new look.

3. Go Blue

Embrace tradition by painting your porch ceiling blue. Blue ceilings have been common in the southern United States going back a couple of centuries, but you’ll find them as a design feature in other parts of the country as well.

Why blue? Folklore says it was to confuse the ghosts, or “haints,” into thinking the porch was the sea, driving them away. Blue was also thought to repel insects.

Even if you’re doubtful about either of these claims, a calming blue ceiling replicates the spring sky and maybe even visually extends spring’s daylight hours.

4. Set Out Some Rocking Chairs

A front porch just seems to call for a rocking chair or two. What better place to sip your morning coffee, relax on a spring afternoon or catch up with your neighbors in the evening?

Match the rocking chairs to your home’s design. A classic rocker is a great choice for a traditional or farmhouse style. Choose a rustic chair to work with a ranch or adobe look. A streamlined chair with simple lines will blend into a contemporary porch. Add a table that’s big enough for a drink, a snack and maybe a small vase to finish the space. Whatever style of chair you choose, test it out first. Above all, a rocking chair needs to be comfortable.

Herlong Architects
5. Install a Swing

Take porch lounging to the next level by adding a hanging swing. It will provide seating for one or two (or more, if the people are small). It can also be the perfect spot for a solo cat nap.

You’ll need an overhead joist and heavy-duty hangers to install a swing safely. To get the feel of a swing while keeping things safely on the ground, compromise with a glider.

MMI Design
6. Refresh Your Planters

Add spring blooms to planters on your porch. Look for early-season annuals, such as pansies, to quickly add cheer. Add ferns or other greenery for contrast.

Are the containers themselves looking tired? Swap out old pots for new ones if necessary, or simply update your existing ones with new paint. Make sure to choose a paint type that will work with the container’s existing surface.

Riverside Homes Custom
7. Add Cushions and Rugs

Perhaps splurge on a new outdoor rug and cushions, or simply clean and revive ones you already own. Both items will turn a collection of chairs and tables into an inviting room. A rug will anchor the space and help define a sitting area, while cushions are an invitation to sit a spell.

Even the most sheltered porch can get some sun or rain. Choose a rug that’s designed for outdoor use — it will also stand up to the wear and tear of dirty shoes or feet and constant use. Cushions made of durable materials that resist fading in the sun and can handle moisture will stay fresh-looking through the upcoming months.

P8. Boost Comfort

Turn your porch into an outdoor haven whatever the time of day or weather outside. Lights wired in place, either on the walls or overhead, are always welcome. If that’s not an option, be creative. Put up some string lights or add lanterns or candles. For the latter, choose battery-operated options or use hurricane lamps or something similar for safety.

A fan overhead or discreetly placed in a strategic spot will help move the air and cool things down when the weather is steamy. For cooler days, look into a permanent or portable heater.
Allison Ramsey Architects
9. Screen It

Turn a standard porch into a bug-free living area by adding screens around the perimeter. You’ll still get the benefits of being outdoors, including fresh air and gentle breezes, without having to fight off mosquitoes or other insects.

Adding screens is fairly simple, especially if your porch already has a support structure. Other options include removable or retractable screens. These have the advantage of allowing you to adjust the screening as needed.
Jennifer Harkey Studio
10. Create Some Noise

Gentle sounds from the garden, whether from a fountain, wind chimes or birds, will enhance your time outside. They also can help buffer less pleasant sounds, such as traffic. A simple way to bring the music close is to hang a wind chime or bird feeder from an overhead beam or the roof.

Test out a wind chime by running your hands over it. Then choose a spot where it will get a gentle breeze. Set a bird feeder close enough for you to enjoy watching the birds eating, but far enough away for them to feel safe and high enough to prevent predators. Look for a birdseed mix that won’t leave a lot of empty shells or scattered seed (a patio mix is good) to help minimize cleanup.


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