8 Home Design Trends Emerging in 2022

 1. Continued Focus on the Outdoors

Updates to outdoor spaces have long been popular among homeowners. In fact, more than half of home renovation projects include upgrades to outdoor areas, according to the 2022 U.S. Houzz & Home Study. And many homeowners are looking for pros who can help. Searches on Houzz for “landscapers” rose 42% in 2022 compared with 2021.

And since many homeowners are living in areas experiencing drought conditions, they are increasingly looking for ways to have gardens that use less water. Searches for “drought-tolerant landscaping ideas” are up 99% year over year, while searches for “drought-tolerant front yard landscaping ideas” are up 45%.
Judd Builders
Homeowners are also interested in relaxing features for their outdoor spaces. Searches for “hot tubs on decks” jumped 130% in the first three months of 2022 compared with the same period last year.

Moore Architects, PC
2. Making an Entrance

A stylish front door style, material or color can create a positive first impression for a home. Many searches relating to front doors are on the rise, including iron front doors (80%), front door handles (46%), green front doors (51%) and red front doors (22%).

Meanwhile, some colors appear to be falling out of favor. Searches decreased for black, blue and yellow front doors.

Dave Meyer Construction

3. Statement Lighting

Light fixtures do more than illuminate a space. They also offer an opportunity to add style and personality to a room. Large fixtures, such as the two shown in this Minnesota living area, can help define spaces in an open plan, bring high ceilings down to a more comfortable scale and make a big design statement. Searches for “extra large chandeliers” were up 223% year over year.

Carmit Oron Interior Design
As noted in our article on 40 Home Design Trends That Will Shape 2022, large lantern-style lighting is having a moment this year. These oversize fixtures feature slim but substantial profiles that help fill a space without obstructing sightlines. Searches for “lantern chandeliers” increased 56% compared with last year.
Tiffany Lauer Interiors
Wicker furniture is common in outdoor areas and coastal-style homes. But woven materials used for light shades are rising in popularity. Searches for “wicker pendants” increased 30% year over year.

Other lighting-related searches were up as well. “Industrial pendant lights” rose 30%, while more general lighting categories like “kitchen ceiling lights” (120%), “flush mounted lighting” (95%) and “task lighting” (94%) all saw year-over-year increases.

Twist Tours Real Estate and Portfolio Marketing
4. Styles Defined

Many homeowners’ style preferences tend to fall in the modern, contemporary and transitional categories. But more specifically defined styles seem to be attracting attention and helping homeowners better explain the look and feel they want for their homes.

On Houzz, searches for “midcentury modern kitchen ideas” spiked 576% year over year. This Austin, Texas, midcentury modern-style kitchen with flat-front walnut lower cabinets and glossy white flat-front upper cabinets is a good example of the look.

Devon Grace Interiors
Meanwhile, Japandi style, a blend of a clean-lined Japanese modern style with a light wood-and-white minimalist Scandinavian style, is taking off. Searches for “Japandi bathrooms” rose 229%, while searches for “Japandi kitchens” increased 104%.
The Sitting Room
Coastal styles are popular too. Fresh whites, watery blues, driftwood tones and shiplap create classic color and material palettes. Searches for “beach style design ideas” jumped 143% year over year.
Mosier Luxury Homes
5. Midcentury Modern on the Mind

Many people own homes built during the mid-20th century, so it makes sense that homeowners are searching for ideas to update these homes in fresh ways that complement the classic architecture.

We already mentioned the rise in midcentury modern kitchen ideas, but attention on this style isn’t confined to that room alone. Searches also jumped significantly for “midcentury modern bedroom ideas” (102%) and “midcentury modern exterior home ideas” (94%).
Materials and styles of products often associated with the midcentury era are seeing an increase in interest as well. Searches for “kit kat tile,” like those shown here, soared 797% year over year. “Boucle” (149%) and “curved sofa” (31%) were also up.
Cummings Architecture + Interiors
6. Barndo Homes

A barn-style home recalls simpler times and has
 a look — soaring ceilings, wide-open layouts — that some people find peaceful. In a busy world, perhaps it’s no surprise that that’s exactly what some people are looking for. Searches for “barndo,” which, along with barndominium, generally describes any barn converted to a home, rose 154%. Searches for “barndominium kitchens” increased 138%.

Skelly Build
7. Maximizing Space

Many people are also searching for ways to save space, add storage and create light and airy looks. In a laundry room, stacking the appliances can maximize available square feet. Searches on Houzz for “stacking washer dryers” were up 106% year over year.
Mindy Gayer Design Co.
Extra cabinet storage for tucking away linens and other items is on people’s minds too. Searches for “hallway cabinets” increased 101%.
Meanwhile, a couple of design details that create the appearance of more space are becoming increasingly popular. Searches for “acrylic counter stool,” like the ones shown here that give a light and airy look to a Chicago kitchen island, rose 97%.
KL Interiors
And searches for an “open tread staircase,” which can also create a breezy look, increased 46%.

8. Pandemic-Inspired Trends

The pandemic has had a lasting effect on lives and homes. Homeowners who adopted a pet during the last couple of years might have contributed to the 55% increase in searches for “dog feeding stations.”

Likewise, searches for “chair seat covers,” which are easy to remove and wash clean of pet hair, rose 429%.
Greenberg Construction
Some homeowners are looking for designs that accommodate a multigenerational household. Accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, are popular setups for housing grandparents or older children. That trend could help explain a 108% increase in searches for “small single-wall kitchen ideas.”
Florence Livingston Interiors, LLC
And who can forget the cloffice? Some homeowners who found themselves suddenly working from home without a proper home office setup looked to an unused closet to create a workspace. Thus, searches for “cloffice” continue to rise, increasing 76% in 2022 compared with last year.


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